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Have you missed us as much as we have missed you? It’s been a busy few months over here with the Coda Family, but we obviously needed to find time to get this 2014 Top 10 albums contest rolling! It’s been an exciting year for music, no matter what you like. Some monster acts like Coldplay and U2 dropped albums, cult favourites Run The Jewels and St. Vincent continue to impress, and local acts like The Def 3 and Close Talker also continue to put out quality music. So, here’s how this whole thing is going to work:

Send us your list of Top 10 albums of 2014 to All submissions must be received by midnight on December 31st, 2014. Three (3) submissions will be chosen at random to win $50 Gift Cards to the store. We will post the winning submissions, along with a bunch of friends and family of Coda’s lists the first week of January. The winners will be emailed to notify they won. Now, a few rules:

-All albums must be from 2014 to qualify, if any albums were not released in 2014 the list will not qualify.
-Gratest Hits albums are not allowed.
-Various artists albums of hit songs are not allowed. Various artists collections will only be accepted if they are original recordings for that album.

We cannot wait to see all your lists and learn about all the great music from 2014! Please tell all your friends and share this with the world!

Your Coda Family

Aug 2014 28

At Coda one of the things we take pride in, is how we manage our small, 800 sq. foot store. In this small space, we manage to carry over 25 different lines of clothing and accessories. While our limited space is often a challenge, it also forces us to be more curatorial in our approach to what we decide to put on the shelves of Coda. The net result is a store that is full of brands that we can be passionate about, and represents the various tastes and styles of the people of Regina.

Our small store is a challenge because it forces us to make some tough decisions, over th eyears we’ve had to say goodbye to some brands that the city had grown out of; and even admit some were probably just not the right choice for us as a store. It forces us to take risks, and nothing makes us more happy than when we take a chance on a brand not carried by others within the city, and it turns out to be exactly what the people of this city were waiting for.

Every season we go through this process, forcing ourselves to objectively look at which brands have kept in line with both Coda’s philosophy and what the people of the city want. But, on the other hand we have the chance to look at new options, and this season we are extremely excited about the new labels that we have decided to carry at Coda. Adding a new line to Coda is not something we take lightly, and there are a few key factors considered:

The first and most important factor we consider when adding a new brand to our store is whether or not it lines up with the tastes of the Queen City. Being locally owned and operated by people so involved with the various scenes of the city gives us a unique perspective and the ability to tailor our store to what the people want. We will never carry a brand just because a brand representative tells us it’s the hottest thing in Vancouver or L.A.

Secondly, we pride ourselves on carrying brands that aren’t available elsewhere, or being the first to carry a brand. We want people to come into our store and find something that they couldn’t elsewhere. This is what forces us to take chances, being a trail blazer is never easy,but when a new line is brought in and it turns out to be what the people of the city were waiting for, it makes it all worth it for the Coda family.

Lastly, Coda employees are also Coda shoppers, so we want to carry brands that we are genuinely passionate about. It is important to us that what we carry in the shop is what we would also wear. In that way the shop is a reflection of the people behind Coda, something we believe contributes to being known for next level customer service.

This fall season we will be adding some new lines to Coda that we are really excited about, and we genuinely think that the city of Regina is ready for. Over the next week we will be highlighting some of these brands on this blog, and we hope that you can follow along with us and give us your feedback.

Brixton Fall 2014 from BRIXTON on Vimeo.

Aug 2014 24

There are a few brands in the world that can be identified with a simple look. Occasionally you need to step closer and cop a feel, but the easy brands to pick out are few and far between.

No matter how many feels you cop. This is not something that happens by accident, or mistake. The brands that manage to make it happen in this day and age however, are simply the stuff of legend.

One such brand is Brixton who, through humble beginnings, have managed to cultivate one of the world’s most sought after lifestyle apparel brands. This is a company who appears to be of the mindset that less is more. It’s the type of thing that will lead you to potentially make fewer products than your competitors, but with a quality that is second to none.

While their product line has expanded since their inception in 2004, the collection of apparel and accessories bearing the Brixton label are some of the most long-lasting, best fitting and timeless items you may ever get your hands on. As Brixton themselves put it their goods are “constructed with the commitment to bringing the customer a high quality and limited product that they’ll want to hold onto forever.”

The line for fall 2014 has proven to be no exception, as the company has once again put forward a range that caters to the wide variety of tastes and flavors that their eclectic fan base has. There is literally something for everyone in this line, from the most solid of basics, to the type of pieces that will turn heads and everything in between. Of course, as is always the case, there are plenty of staples that will be perfect for when the weather inevitably changes once again.

Don’t sleep on this stuff, because if you do, you’ll find yourself in a never-ending search for something that, in the end, simply can’t match up.

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